11 days out and some thoughts for all

Band Camp is less than 2 weeks away and there is an enormous amount to do. But that is ALWAYS the case this time of year 🙂

A couple of thoughts and some housekeeping for all:

  1. If you haven’t sent in your UDM-Bander Band Camp Form by now you MUST email me if you want to be included in the band this year. That means I have started to write the drill and you may be an alternate (regardless of years of membership) because in another day I will not be able to go back and add people. So get to me ASAP!
  2. A small envelope of informational letters will be sent to the home addresses of those who have sent in their forms. This is final details about housing, band camp schedule, music, etc.
  3. A letter to moms and dads will also be going out in another day or so—lots for you to learn to now that you are parents of UDMB member!

Everyone I have seen over the last couple of weeks is incredibly excited about the upcoming season–and it is infectious! Usually I start to lose sleep from excited anticipation about 4 days prior to the start of Staff Camp….seems that bug has bitten me a little earlier this year.

We’ve got 3 fantastic graduate assistants joining us this year–while it is their “rookie” graduate year, one of them (Chris Vitale) is really a vet. He graduated from UD in 2003, was a trumpet soloist and drum major for the band, and is the former band director of the Penns Grove High School band program.

Erin Cooper is a JMU graduate, and while not a vet of our program those of you who are DMA vets from Kutztown or West Chester may remember her. She’s been on the Drum Major Academy staff for the las 5+ years. She is also the former band director of the Paint Branch High School band program in Maryland.

Valerie Vassar is a recent graduate of Ithaca College with a concentration in percussion. She is completely new to our program and philosophy but I have no doubt that she will fit in very quickly and that all of you will join Mr. Ancona and I in getting her “in the flow”of the UDMB!

When I get a moment I will update the UDMB website staff page with all of their bios and photos–but in the meantime, please join me in welcoming them into (or back to) our family!

See all of you sooner than perhaps I would like….it’s not you, it’s all the drill I have to still write 😛