And so it begins!!!

Field and Ad Staff are all moved in, and are up and rolling! We had a brief “how’ve you been” meeting at 4 PM, went over the schedule for the next 2 days and headed off to Timothy’s for the annual “staff eats.” Everyone got to meet our 3 new Graduate Assistants and after a few minutes all was as if we just picked up where we left off from last year–this is a good thing!

This evening the drum majors are getting them all organized for tomorrow’s first official afternoon check-in. They also have a whole evening planned around the introduction to teaching, leadership, communication skills and a host of other fun stuff. (good crop of dms!) Tomorrow Chris Vitale (one of our Grads) and I get to spend the morning block reviewing “basics.” But through a whole different set of filters: how to TEACH basics effectively and efficiently!

2007 UDMB Season—UNDERWAY!