In 1 Hour and 30 Minutes….

…the UDMB Field and Ad Staff will arrive and check in at the Commons and the 2007 Band Camp will officially begin!!

….and yes, I’m still writing drill 😛

Truth be told, I have never heard from so many students, rookies and vets, over the course of the entire summer about how excited they are for band—and the excitement is VERY contagious!

Some preliminary thought, expectations and overviews for all:

  • Band Total = 294 performing members (300+ including non-performing members)
  • Rookie Class = 132
  • 2 year members = 74% return from last year (this is HUGE!!!)
  • Weather = …..predictions are that we’ll be dodging storms all week…time will tell.

I am going to make an attempt to post a little something each night of camp…we’ll see how exhausted I am. In the meantime, safe travels everyone and….