Band Camp – Day 2

First full day for some, first half day for others. The staff arrived at the field at 8:00 AM. Ok, no they didn’t. I arrived at the field at 7:46 AM and they had already been there since as early as 7:30…WAITING! We dove right into identifying and defining how to “fix” diagonals, the cleaning for individual stationary positions, and the TEACHING of them as well. In essence the Field Staff had a crash course in “The Procedure.” And they understand WHY too!! The staff also got a double dose of Chris Vitale and his marching program. He started this with the UDMB back when he was a drum major and since graduating he has developed the process and expanded upon it. Lots of new things for the UDMB to learn!

Meanwhile, back at AED, the twirlers were working on their routines outside on the “green.” And inside, the uniform staff was rapidly putting together all returning percussionists uniforms and preparing to fit all the rookies in the battery because….

The UD Drumline will be performing LIVE tomorrow (Saturday) evening at the Wacovia Center in Philadelphia with Keith Urban!!!!! There’s not much more to tell you except to say WOW!!!

Back at the field, the colorguard was at it full speed ahead. Lots of work to learn and lots of new flags to learn the work with!

Tonight was my early night (it’s only 11:30 PM and I’m home…) but Mr. Ancona and the percussion staff were still going strong with auditions when I left. God Bless them!

More tomorrow…when the guard starts learning drill and rookie brass and woodwinds arrive!