Band Camp — Day 3

What a BEAUTIFUL day!! Temperatures were in the 60’s all morning and only got to 78 degrees at the height of the afternoon. The colorguard and twirlers learned all of their drill and staging for “Bacchanale,” and started putting the work in as well. The battery percussion were ROCK STARS in front of over 15,000 people at the Keith Urban concert—they’re STILL riding the adrenaline rush!–and the student staff completed all of their training sessions and got geared up for the arrival of the rookie brass and woodwinds.

Last night, after getting all the rookie brass and woodwinds settled in their dorm rooms, we had a quick meeting, assigned everyone their Staff Buddies for the week and went right outside for an evening of HA-HO. For all the alumni out there we changed things up this year. HA-HO is now a short session/introduction of teamwork, communication and time management. We added a new “game” to the evening: WHOOSH! And we turned it into a section tournament! IT WAS OUT OF CONTROL!!!! I have to admit that I’ve never seen anything like this before–the energy and excitement were at a level never seen before at the start of rookie camp. And the winners, were:

  • Jordan Marvel from Delaware — a rookie trumpet member
  • Chris Hammond from Delaware — a rookie trombone member

The evening ended with the traditional pizza party supplied by the Ad and Field staff. And again, for all the alums reading this, my memory recalls that the pizza party was usually short lived: they ate, chatted for a little while and then headed off back to the dorms. Well, this year. This year the ate, chatted, and chatted, and chatted, and laughed, and chatted some more….and some more… I left the CFA Green at 9:45 and they were STILL sitting there and chatting!