Band Camp…Day 4 – 9

Suffice it to say that I was unable to keep up with posting each night this week–what a week!

Ok, not much went according to plan….ok, that’s not entirely true. EVERYTHING that I was able to control to some degree went EXACTLY according to plan. But it is the things that I cannot control that REALLY went haywire this week.

Let’s face it, when was the last time you saw this much rain in August?! Under normal circumstances the Vets (returning band members) would arrive on Sunday afternoon and we would have our first full music ensemble rehearsal that evening with anticipation of learning drill the next morning to the music we prepare. Not this year…..Mother Nature had other plans for us.

Rookie camp was fine….vets started moving into the dorms and the drizzle started. After the evening ensemble rehearsal described above, the Heavens started to drain and did not stop until Wednesday (Band Camp Day 6) morning at 6 AM! So how did we cope and what did we do?

Without a field and with pouring rain for the first 3 critical days of camp we learned an enormous amount of music and yes, we actually did march! Indoor facilities included every single room in AED including Loudis Recital Hall, Puglisi Orchestra Hall in the CFA, the Studio Theater in the CFA, Gore Recital Hall in the CFA and Pearson Gym. All of those were for music rehearsal locations (sectionals, breakout room, etc.). Marching: 3rd and 4th deck of the CFA Parking Garage!!!!

On Wednesday (Day 6) we FINALLY got out on the practice field and started learning drill. It was only a 2/3s day as Wednesday night the band moved out of George Read Hall and into their permanent dorm assignments so we had to cover a HUGE chunk of the opener if there was any hope of getting some of the show learned. ….and the band PLOWED through 10 pages of consecutive drill sets WITH music before going to lunch. That afternoon we FINISHED the first 4 minutes of halftime WITH music before the dorm moving began.

Thursday was a full day and by the end of the 3 blocks we learned all of the 2nd tune and had the first 5 sets out on the field with music. We reviewed the opener, and also worked on Pre-game music. At the conclusion of our afternoon block we were visited by our most loyal fans, the Goal Post Tailgate Crew! And as has become their tradition, they brought water ice to the entire band!

Today, Friday, was another 2/3s day (no evening block of rehearsal). All of the 2nd tune is now complete with music, we read through the 3rd tune in a standstill formation and then “chunked up” the first 2 tunes and started cleaning! This band is fantastic!!!

Tomorrow’s goal: PREGAME and rep, rep, rep, rep of the first 2 tunes.

…time for some sleep…