Band Camp — day 10….DONE!

Band Camp ’07 is history and one for the record books!

  • 3 beautiful days
  • 3 days of rain
  • Temperatures of 55-60 degrees for 2 days
  • Temperatures of 95-103 for 2 days

Yes, that’s correct—all we needed was a little snow and we would have experienced all four seasons during camp. Ridiculous!


  • lots and lots of music rehearsal
  • First 2 tunes on the field with music = 7-8 minutes done
  • Third tune set as a standstill for the moment…that will change 🙂
  • Pregame is “out there”….it ain’t pretty, but it’s out there!

In all my years and in all my travels this was by far the most insane band camp I have ever experienced. But there is no question that this is a GREAT band and that 2007 is going to be a GREAT season!

That’s it for now….must sit and recover 🙂

See you at convocation on Monday morning!!