First Game—Imminent!

It’s Friday night….only 2 rehearsals this week due to Labor Day…and talk about MASSIVE improvement!! The “world” thinks: “There’s two weeks between band camp and the first game. That’s a TON of time to finish getting ready.” Well that is the biggest fallacy of all. When a group only rehearses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and you “lose” the 2 Monday rehearsals due to 1) Convocation – no classes and 2) Labor Day, your two weeks has been reduced to FOUR days! …and remember, those 4 days are NOT days but rather a regular 2-hour class meeting. Anyone else just get scared?

But as I was saying, MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT. There is a hunger about this band; a deep and resonating desire to be good, to be successful. A sense of urgency and focus that seems new to me. I do not ever mean to slight a past band–I love ALL of them and ALL of them made me proud to say I was their director–but, well, brace yourselves for this one alums: not once, nope, not once did I have to remind them that it was GAME WEEK, that another college band would be in “our house.” Not once did I have to rev them up with a bunch of hype, nor with a bunch of guilt. Every rehearsal was more than one step forward–it was leaps and bounds forward!

Now, reality check. Is the show done? Well all the alumni will tell you that if you lose a rehearsal block to rain during band camp you feel immediately caught behind the proverbial 8-ball. This year’s group lost 3 days and change to rain! YIKES! So only the first 8 minutes of the show (first 2 tunes) is finished. We still have to learn the drill to the 3rd tune but we’ll be performing it as a standstill tomorrow night at the game. Again, this group is determined to find a way to catch up on the days they lost during band camp. In many ways I’m in awe.

Game plan for tomorrow: nothing new. Huge afternoon rehearsal, perform at President’s house, parking lot parade, pregame, etc. But there will be a new addition just prior to the start of the traditional post game show. After every win the football team will join the band in the endzone for the SINGING of the Fight Song! That’s right, the band will play and the team will sing!! Better stick around and pay attention or you’ll miss it! The potential for this to become a fantastic NEW UD TRADITION is astoundingly high! So if you can, work your way over to section A on the West Grandstand and sing along!!!

….oh yeah, and then work your way back to the center of the grand stand for a full post game performance!

Time to make sure all the loose strings are tied up nice and tidy before I make an attempt at getting some sleep….like either of those two things are really going to happen!

See you at the game!