First Game – come and gone-WHAT A START!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…how many times have you come back to the blog to see if I posted anything about the game only to not find anything? (Hint: subscribe to the RSS feed, get the RSS ticker aggregator that runs like Headline News in the border of your browser window and you’ll automatically be notified of new posts!)

Let’s cut to it: I’m so incredibly proud of this band I’m not sure I know how to express it. The lost days of band camp prep due to rain are never recoverable. And then there was Convocation (no rehearsal) and then Labor Day (no rehearsal). 4 regular 2-hour class rehearsals and the 3-hour Saturday afternoon rehearsal–THAT WAS IT. And the end result was better than I think anyone thought it would be.

(ok, so the “S” in Pregame was a bit, shall we say, off—they’ll fix it, no worries!)

Is there still work to do? SURE! The UDMB was outstanding…for a FIRST game but there is so much more to be achieved and this band is hungry!

UPDATE: Monday we managed to get all the drill taught for The WHO set and also got it “out there” with music. The first show is now complete and it’s time to CLEAN!