Game #2–long overdue!

I know, I know, I know…..I’ve been negligent with regard to posting but come on moms and dads! Please stop with send of guilt through your students! 🙂

The last game was Freshmen Parents Weekend–and that is always a bit of a busy day. To make it a tad more interesting we had an odd kickoff time of 3:30 pM. But the band being what they are, they just rolled with it all. And by “all” I mean:

  • 8 AM Rehearsal
  • Perform at President Harker’s House
  • Perform for the Parent’s Luncheon at the Field House
  • Full Game Day

It may not seem like much, but the extra performance at the Field House alters the parking lot parade route and also makes us adjust our timeline in order to make it to the endzone in time for Pregame. And again, the band just rolled with it and all was fine.

Halftime was a bit of a change also as it was our first performance to the East Grandstands. Marching Band is VERY “routine” oriented. I am not referring to drill nor am I making a pun. It is a physical activity that is based upon repetition to perfect routine. And when you suddenly look at 300 people and tell them to face the opposite direction when the perform it really messes up their internal balance. The sun is in the wrong place; the hedges look different because they are fuller and taller on the east side; thre is more room on the sideline (a positive!); the faces in the box seats are not familiar; and the list goes on. In essence, by facing a different direction I forced them out of their comfort zone.

But they did great. The only issue was one they could not control–the wind was incredibly strong. The guard struggled from time to time due to sudden gusts, and the swirling gusts up in the stands created some not so good effects on the music. It is amazing what wind does to sound waves! It REALLY messes with them!!!

Not much more to tell–they did a fine job 2 weeks ago and the show continued to improve. I anticipate even more growth and development over the next 2 weeks as they start to learn to PERFORM and not just play and march.