Band Day, Allentown, and Extracurricular Activities


19 high schools and 2 middle schools

2 AC/DC tunes

over 1800 performers on a football field in front of 22,000+ people

PRICELESS! (are really incredibly LOUD!!!)

Band Day 2007 was beyond successful. The weather was simply picture perfect. All the visiting schools seemed to have a wonderful time, and the UDMB was outstanding. Our day began at 8 AM with our regular morning rehearsal prior to a football game. The band was all geared up the day and with the game not until the evening we were able to take an easy approach to rehearsal. …ok, so there is a visual “challenge” with the alto saxes when the colorguard has to pass through them in MALAGUENA–we’ll fix that, I promise!

The UDMB arrived at Rullo Stadium for Band Day rehearsal right on time. The schools started arriving in what seemed to be a more organized and structured manner….not sure what was different this year, but there was no question that all the bands were ready to go!

Band Day rehearsal started at 3 PM and concluded at 5 PM. It was one of our longer rehearsals compared to past years, but there seems to be no question that the extra 30 minutes paid off. The performance was terrific. …and it was most definitely the LOUDEST Band Day I have experienced!! My ears really are still ringing a little from halftime (I’m not kidding either).

One of the most wonderful moments that I am fairly sure I will never forget was Robert Diton (UDMB Euphonium) holding up a 6th grade euphonium player who couldn’t see me when they were playing. It was beyond priceless. I tell each UDMB that you simply have no idea how many people you are going to impact during the course of being in band (not to mention life), and that at Band Day simply by playing next to a high school student may be enough for them to continue playing their instrument for the rest of their life. The effect each individual has on others is incomprehensible.

So needless to say, BAND DAY 2007 was perfect!

ALLENTOWN—-By 9:30 all band members were waiting for buses to arrive so their annual trip to the Collegiate Marching Band Festival could begin….and they were still waiting at 10 AM for the arrival of the buses….the time we were supposed to depart. And at 10:15 they were still waiting…..and I was on the phone.(Fast Forward to 10:25 when the buses arrived and don’t ask me about it, ok?)We departed about 1 hour behind schedule, but to be honest since we were closing the show we had the time. Unfortunately we missed the first few performances but we still had more than enough time to eat lunch, relax, enjoy a bunch of other college bands including FINALLY being able to see Morgan State (what a scream!).

I have always received compliments from audience members following our Allentown performances, but this year I heard some of the most overwhelming words: depth, blend, musicianship, musicality, balance, effect (visual and musical) and powerful. Yup, I think this group hit a home run this year! CONGRATULATIONS UDMB!

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES…..the war has commenced—Ok, foiling YOUR OWN band director’s office is one thing, but it is something completely different when the UMASS Tuba section “soaps” the car of the UDMB Band Director:


This is the infamous UMASS Tuba “T” symbol on the back window of my car….this display of art work was done in the parking lot by the J. Birney Crum Stadium.

I was not necessarily pleased but I figured….

…the gauntlet had been thrown…

After seeing my vehicle, the UDMB Senior class felt a retaliation was in order. So during a quiet and relaxing game of golf this morning retribution was sought and achieved:

GNP SIDE GNP CAROf course, this has the potential to become dangerous…..time will tell.  But no harm, no foul and you have to admit, these 2 bands have quite the wild relationship!