Homecoming–what a day!

Homecoming is never anything short of an adventure.  My day began at 4 AM.  Yes, you read that correctly–4:00 in the MORNING!  Print extra copies of music; get the alumni band shirts in the car; swing by the office for a couple of boxes of band cds; get to the CFA and meet some alums who showed up early to help set up Puglisi; get the mellophones and baritones down from the shelves in the cage; meet and greet everyone as they arrive; run a 60 minute music rehearsal; get out to the field and run another 45 minute music rehearsal; race home and let the dogs out (gotta remember them or it will not be a pretty sight when I get home after the game); sit in 47 minutes of traffic on Route 896; watch the “baby band” march through the lots on their way to the BOB; fight with Newark Police who won’t let me turn down Stadium Drive to park in the Gold lot because it is after 11 AM; drive AROUND Newark Police and risk arrest; allow UD Public Safety to intervene and allow me entrance to the lot; run to catch up to the “baby band” who is now under the stands waiting to do the Fight Song; get into the West Stands and see that the scoreboard is not working….

Nope, nothing short of adventure to say the very least!!

Alumni Band:  representation all the way back to class of 1946!!!!  representation all the way to the future with a member of the class of 2028 in a carry pack on his daddy’s back!  (Liam Bryan, son of Amy and Chris Bryan–both UDMB Alumni.)

Scariest moment: realizing that Liam will enter UD 2 years before my retirement!!! (wonder if I’ll still be able to climb up the scaffolding at that time….)

As always, I was very proud of the UDMB.  But they still have not learned to trust me unfortunately.  I said, “The minute the crowd hears the first meansure of Stars and Stripes Forever” they will start to clap and scream. They will stand and go nuts when the flutes and pics march forward and they will give you a complete and total grandstand standing ovation on the rolloff into the final company front.”  And I saw on their faces “yeah, right Sarv.  Just a bit rev ’em up speech that is filled with a lot of hot air.”

And guess what happened?  Right–**I** was right and they were WRONG!  I don’t always lie gang—and this time the looks on your faces after halftime said it all!  The East Stands was THRILLED this afternoon!!

Well, it’s almost time to head back and load the buses for Frawley Stadium and tonight’s exhibition at Mt. Pleasant High Schools Festival.  It will be a lot of fun and I have no doubt that the UDMB will be terrific!