JMU Game

Things were back to normal this week at the home game…well, meaning the scoreboard was working again! Beyond that I suppose nothing is ever REALLY normal about a college football game!

It was a crazy week but one that certainly spoke to the tenacity and dedication of this year’s band. Monday we learned new drill and put it together with music. And when we were done we still had time to run through some of the old tunes. The game brought about the performance of the new material and I, myself, was stunned at the level of accomplishment. The band’s performance of the new stuff was as if they had been working on it for 3 weeks–not 3 days!

And perhaps there’s something even a little more special about this year’s group–something none of us understands completely. But with a huge postgame crowd in attendance, the skies finally cleared out (we didn’t have rain but it was cloudy and dark all day) and as we were about to start “In My Life” both the band and crowd were pointing upwards: to a beautiful rainbow over the stadium.

Yup, something special….