Banquet, Part II

It has been over a month since banquet, I have been anything but healthy and most certainly negligent with regard to posting.

As I already stated, Matt Kurilla and committee did an outstanding job! I received compliment after compliment from the Clayton Hall staff regarding how wonderful the event was, how smoothly it ran and how perfectly behaved the entire group was!   (This was more important than most any of you will ever understand.  But those that do, THANK YOU!)

Every year, at every banquet the directors announce a series of awards.  I have created a page on the Band Website listing the awards and the recipients.  It will be added to every year from this point forth.  At the bottom of the main page of the site, you will see the link for “Annual Banquet Award Recipients.”  Congratulations to all!

Here’s to another incredibly successful year for the UDMB!  ….and it ain’t over yet folks!