Thanksgiving Weekend Game on….FRIDAY?!?!?

There a only a few things in this world that I dread doing. Two of my top 3 are going to the dentist and cleaning the bathrooms in my home. But the number 1, top of the list thing that I dread doing more than anything else in the entire world is telling the band there is a change in our announced performance schedule. And thanks to the “almighty” (and I do not mean THE Almighty!) ruler of college football, ESPN, I had to tell the band that they needed to return not on Saturday of their Thanksgiving break, but on Friday.

I sat down and wrote the email. And I waited, thought more about it, poured a stiff drink, hit the “send” button and waited for what I anticipated as being the inevitable fallout.

And for the most part there wasn’t any! (anybody else love this band yet???) In fact there were only 8 people in the entire band who simply could not change their plans to get back that soon–and they were NOT local folks!

So there we all were, weathering the stupidity of the media doing their best to spin the game against DSU into the biggest racial incident since the Civil War (hey media folks—nice try, but as it turns out the people at UD and DSU seem to have much higher standards and ethics than any of you!) and working to get ready for our first playoff game since 2003.

The game was, well, a non-issue. And the two bands built some wonderful bridges that should last for a very long time. It was a treat to begin a new, positive relationship/friendship with another university band program (much as we did with UMASS and Towson). Time will tell what the universities decide to do with regard to a regularly scheduled game between the two teams. But when that does happen, rest assured the two bands are ready to work together and have a great time doing what college bands do best: entertain!