Time for the Sugar Bowl!

Once again the “team” is heading back to New Orleans to work with Bowl Games of America at the Sugar Bowl!

This will be the 4th time I have done this particular bowl game–it’s all about the gumbo folks, don’t kid yourselves 😉

But seriously, what would New Year’s be without spending it with my two “boys,” Parks and Parker. (hmm, that is almost redundant…) They work us fairly hard each day with rehearsals, judging competitions, and more rehearsals but it is always a great time to be with old friends and make new friends in all the high school band directors who bring their bands.

Don’t know what it is we do? The easiest explanation is for you to think of our Band Day. Now, instead of just one 90 minute rehearsal, we have three 4-5 hour rehearsals over 3 days. Now here’s the BIG difference: the UDMB isn’t there to help make it all work smoothly! I rely so incredibly hard on the commitment of the UDMB for making the experience a positive and exciting one for all the participants. I also rely upon them to watch me like hawks during the performance to hold it all together. Needless to say I am sure you can understand why we end up working pretty hard through this event.

But after all the ones that I have been involved in, I have to admit that we always put together a great show and from all reports, the bands and their directors seem to always have a wonderful time.

Happy New Year everyone!