Delazure – the beginning

It’s cold, rainy, snowy in some places. The winter months can be so dreary and drab. So I invite you to bring some sunshine into your lives. How you ask? Come to an indoor colorguard and support the UDMB’s winter team: Delazure!

Delazure: “of the blue.” The new name of that crazy group of college students who just can’t get enough of colorguard during the fall. “Of the Blue”–“of the Blue Hens”–“of the University of Delaware.” Now a class at the University of Delaware–a type of ensemble within the department of music–these students are the epitome of the term “weekend warriors!” Rehearsals on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, competitions on Saturday nights, and touch up rehearsals on Sunday. And then there are the sectionals during the week.

Tonight the team had their debut performance at the Penncrest Show in Pennsylvania. The overall reaction/response from audience and judges alike: WOW!

The show is called “Ain’t No Sunshine” but trust me, there is PLENTY of sunshine when this group takes the floor. So check out the website, find a show you can attend, wear some Delaware Blue attire, and come on out and cheer on Delazure!

(On a personal note: I do not have words that adequately express how incredible it is to see the faces of this group light up when the perform AND when they rehearse! They LOVE it!!! To which I join the masses of the evening and say, “WOW!”)