Delazure–the wild ride continues!

In a nutshell this guard is OUTSTANDING!!! First of all, they are having fun. Second, their work ethic is unlike any I have ever seen before. And third, they are being rewarded for their efforts!!!

While in Ireland last week (read the next post and you’ll understand) I received plenty of text messages and phone calls about what was happening at the WGI Power Regional in South Brunswick, NJ. (you should see that cell phone bill–oy!) Regardless, I would have triple for the news. Finishing in 4th place in Prelims, less than a point separated 2nd-4th. That meant one thing and one thing only: the team that delivered the goods in finals would take 2nd place.

And WOW did they ever deliver!!

A 4 point jump and BAM! 2nd place at a WGI Power Regional!!!

Now they head into spring break and face 2 local shows prior to heading to Dayton, OH for WGI Championships. I am so happy that they are being rewarded for their work and commitment! And yes, incredibly proud of them too!

Go Delazure!