UDMB Going to Ireland….December '09!

Yup, it’s true! And yes, it is also true that I led the band and alums down a path of misdirection and was (sorry) down right evil about it. But you know how I am: never miss an opportunity for the dramatic!

So here’s the general overview:

December 2009-January 2010–New Year’s in Ireland. Perform in the Dublin Lord Mayor’s New Year’s Day Parade as well as other venues still to be determined. Exact itinerary will be set in mid-April; deposit deadlines will be announced once the itinerary is set; commitment forms and first deposit will need to be made by December 15, 2008. Average cost of the trip (based upon other university trips over the last couple of years) as been $2000.00–again, this is an average and the price will be based upon what we choose to do while in Ireland.

Cost of trip will include airfare, hotel, breakfasts, performance attire, some dinners and more (again, as yet to be determined by the itinerary).

Alumni are encouraged to join us–literally! Break out the horn and perform as a member of the UDMB again!

We are working on what is called a Companion Itinerary for alumni and parents. Many other universities have done this and it has allowed parents to turn the trip into a type of family vacation.

To stay up to date on this event please watch the website as I will not be able to maintain updates here as well as there–much too involved! The site can be found at http://www.music.udel.edu/udband/ireland

Tons to do—-

…oh, one last thing: we’re going with another University marching band….UMASS!!