Delazure–M.A.I.N. Independent-A Champions!!

A perfect ending to a simply outstanding season–Delazure took 1st place at the MAIN (Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network) Championships last night in South Brunswick, NJ!

The evening was tense because the announcer decided to drag things out just a tad. The team kept smiling and tried to look “at ease” on the floor, but it was clear they were unsure as to what the outcome would be.

The first surprise of the evening was the announcement that the group won the Mary Denniston Memorial Trophy for General Effect! It was the only hint that 1st place was within reach–but in the world of colorguard, ANYTHING can happen.

But all worries were put to rest when the announcer gave the score for 2nd place and did NOT say “Delazure.”

…and yes, I was obnoxious….but this one has been a LONG time coming!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the members of Delazure, and to the professional/creative staff who made it all happen. Go Hens!