New Additions to the Inventory – part 1

This afternoon I received a call from the driver of delivery truck hoping to drop off 9 of the 24 large bore Yamaha trombones that I ordered!  I wish all 24 were here, but that I’ll take the 9 that arrived.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the remaining 15 may not arrive until well into the season.  So unfortunately we will have to issue these 9 based upon seniority.  So don’t leave your own instruments at home for band camp–you might not be able to count on a UD owned T-Bone until later in the fall.

This is, unfortunately the same situation with the 12 Yamaha Xeno trumpets….and that situation is even worse.  Two, yes, only 2 will be available by the time we get to camp.  The other 10 are on back order until October.

This brings us to the 32 Yamaha Alto Saxophones…..apparently they will be **ALL** be here by the end of July.

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