It's Been Some Time Since I've Posted…

…because the summer was less than stellar with regard to life.  But we’re in a good holding pattern for now and hopefully all will continue along the road of positive progress.  But let’s catch up on UDMB stuff, ok?

All the new Yamaha Alto Saxophones are here, as are enough Yamaha Trombones for the whole section.  Trumpets are on back order for most of the fall but since they are not critical need instruments we’re in great shape!  The new battery also arrived a week ago or so, and Jim has been busy getting all the drums put together.  We’re missing a few things so we may have to hold off on debuting them for a while.  But that makes it all the more exciting.

Some exciting twists and turns are in store for the UDMB this season.  My summer did not allow me to have as much prep time as usual so the band will be experiencing something very new this year:  drill written by two of our current graduate assistants, Christopher Vitale and Erin Cooper!  Chris has the first two parts of the first show completed and he is frantically working on part 3 as I type.  From what I have seen so far he has written some very challenging but highly effective drill for the band–and that will be good for them because they need to be challenged by new experiences!   Erin will be working on the second show just as soon as we finalize the musical arrangements.

Oh, and no, I didn’t put the pen down for good.  Well, in one sense I did….I put the pen down and wrote Pictures At An Exhibiton on Pyware!  (Ok all you old timers who took my class–get up off the floor!  I think I’ve finally broken through my “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” creative block.  If this works, and I hope that it does, I may have just unlocked a whole new level of creativity in this old brain of mine.  Time will tell!)

Camp is well underway.  Field and Ad Staff came in on Thursday.  Percussion, Guard and Twirlers on Friday, and Rookies just finished their first night of Ha’s and Ho’s as well as the 2nd Annual Whoosh-Off.  Tomorrow the Vets return and we dive into 7 straight days of music and drill.

The UDMB is slightly over 300 members strong again this year, with a total performing contingent of 312.  There are 114 Rookies–and great solid class.  But the biggest and most exciting surprise was the returning number of Rookies from the 2007 UDMB.  Last year we had 128 Rookies and 106 returned!!  THAT’S UNREAL!

More as the week progresses now that I’m back into the swing of things.