Season is Flying By–Gearing Up For UMASS!

WOW! WHAT A BAND!!  ..and I could probably leave it at that for all of you out there who have seen the UDMB this fall.  But many haven’t and while I urge you to MAKE the time to experience this year’s edition I’ll make my usual attempt at trying to sum it up on a blog post.

9/13:  WEST CHESTER GAME–home opener and rain threatened all evening.  Fortunately only a couple of sprinkles here and there and nothing of significance.  As expected, the Golden Rams were packed quite a punch and was enjoyed by all.  The UDMB came out and did what they do best: “thank you for coming…but please don’t take offense if we take control of our house.” And the UDMB did just that:

During rehearsal I threw the proverbial gauntlet at the band and said that I didn’t want to hear the sound plates at the end of “Pictures At An Exhibition.”  The UDMB did not take lightly to this and threw the gauntlet right back at me at post game….I could barely here ANYONE in the pit!  GO HENS!

9/27:  ALBANY GAME–rainy Friday rehearsal, rainy Saturday afternoon rehearsal; no rain at game time until…HALFTIME!  And right after halftime it stopped of course.  But the UDMB pulled off 2 more great performances and post game was not one notch up from the WCU game, but 10!  The whole show is on the field–we still have things to add to “Spinning Wheel” and the end of “God Bless The Child.” but all in all 95% of the show is complete.  Tons to watch and listen for–there really isn’t a moment in the show where this isn’t SOMETHING sparking conversation among audience members.  This is perhaps the MOST enjoyable part of the band’s performances lately: listening to the audience say, “Look over there!”  “Did you hear that?!”  “No wait!  Look at the left side of the field–no, the right side now!”  Very fun times.

9/28:   ALLENTOWN: left Delaware with cloudy skies overhead but nothing much to worry about.  Got to the Quakertown exit and the Heavens opened up.  And for all by a brief 45 minutes at the mid-point of the festival it rained ALL DAY LONG!  Every single band was soaked to the skin.  But the amazing part is that there was an audience that NEVER left and just kept growing as the day went on.  How cool is that?!  the UDMB put on a show that was even better than the previous evening’s post game show and once again, the sound plates were tough to hear over the winds–I LOVE IT!

Next stop:  UMASS!!!