September 2008–The Rainy Season

I suppose Mother Nature does not take the marching band season into consideration when she schedules her rain delivery….’cause September was downright stupid!

On average the UDMB had 2 rehearsals out of the weekly 3 that were dry.  The 1 wet one each week were catagorized as follows:

  • “Suck It Up–It’s Just Mist”
  • “Uh…No Way:  Inside”
  • “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me:  INSIDE!”

And some how, some way this band continued to gain ground, learn music, apply music to motion, and every performance was BETTER than the previous one.  How they did this….I have absolutely no idea!

And of course, the rain did not target just weekdays–it had to expand its horizons and take a stab and the weekends.  The first home game versus West Chester was a dodged bullet.  The forecast was for a 30% chance of a shower and all we got was a little bit of spittle just following halftime.  Phew!

The next home game–not so lucky.  Again only a 30% chance of a shower for the evening and sure enough all 30% hit DURING HALFTIME!  It was perfectly fine before halftime and perfectly fine after halftime…we were soaked and so were all the instruments.  (Don’t mention this to Jim Ancona–a dangerous topic!)

Next day:  Allentown.  Well it was lucky year 13; there was only one year when it rained right up to the start of the show and as soon as the show started the sun came out; so just when does one’s luck run out?  2008.  Talk about a wash out!  …uh, no, it wasn’t canceled….we’re all still drying out!!!

And then, about 20 miles south of UMASS on the trip up to Amherst: it starts raining.  I think I’m still laughing hysterically.  Fortunatetly it stopped just in time for us to get a good warm up prior to the combined rehearsal.

This weekend is Homecoming, and guess what?   Well….I’ve only had 3 dry Homecomings in 14 years….so the odds aren’t too good but we’ll have to just wait and see.