Allentown….damp…but fun!

After a drenching during halftime the night before we loaded up and headed north for the annual College Festival in Allentown, PA.  When we left Newark, DE @ 10 AM the sky was a bit overcast but the sun was breaking through in places.  Maybe, just maybe the weather would clear–after all, the forecast for Allentown was only for a 30-40% chance of an isolated shower for the whole afternoon.

Sanity Question:  When did I start believing in weather forecasts???

Traditionally I have driven my car to the Allentown show for one reason only–the one year we did NOT have a separate vehicle on site was the one year we had a band member end up in the local hospital.  So new UDMB Rule: There is ALWAYS a separate vehicle or two available on all trips so that the entire band isn’t delayed.

As I traveled north on the PA Turnpike the skies turned grayer and grayer, and just past the Lansdale exit I said a very bad word.  And it just got funnier from there.

The band arrived and stayed on the buses while I stood at the field entrance gate and watched Dr. John Villella (WCU/Vivace Productions) pace back and forth saying even badder words.  A few others joined us and we talked about delaying the start of the show in the hopes that the weather folks were right and it would clear up…and while we were all talking Bloomsburg University took the field for the National Anthem.  Um, guess we’re putting on a show.  (BTW–there were about 3000 diehard fans in the stands with umbrellas having the time of their life!)

The weather DID clear out mid-way through the show….for about 45 minutes….. The UDMB had a very nice dry warmup….but as we entered the field, not so much.  And yet, it was a FANTASTIC SHOW!  The usual bands were there, and as always the day ended with more tubas than ever racing onto the field for Bozo, Hey Baby, Tuba Cheers and while I’m not sure what it is really called, the culminating Elephant Snort.

A wet and nasty weekend but this year’s UDMB took it in stride and seemed to enjoy every moment.