2009 Begins — 15 Years At The Helm

Where did the last 14 years go?!  Didn’t I just get here?  Didn’t I just move to a state that I was convinced was merely a passage connecting New Jersey and Maryland?  Where has all the time gone??

Well I won’t waste anyone’s time reminiscing–I’ll save that for the Homecoming posts 🙂

The 2009 season is underway–in fact it started 3 days ago when the UDMB Field and AD Staffs arrived and started getting ready for the arrival of everyone else.  This year’s staff, like so many before, is pumped!  They got off to a running start at a pace I’m not sure I’ve seen before.  Their energy is contagious and their enjoyment of what they do obvious to everyone.

Percussion, guard and twirlers all arrived yesterday and despite the weather, they are all cranking away.  The Guard numbers 41 this year and the Golden Girls are both seasoned vets of the UDMB.  Working in gymnasiums and parking garaged to stay out of the rain has done nothing but raised the level of excitement and intensity.  The GGs are well into the 2nd tune of the show and have pregame “in the can.”  The Guard finished the entire opener (two tunes written as one) and is working on the 3rd tune!  Phenomenal progress!!

The percussion….well, back in 1995 when we first saw the UDMB battery we called it “a town” because there were that many people.  15 years later and between the battery and pit we have a thriving METROPOLIS on our hands!  9 snares, 5 tenors, 6 basses, 14 cymbals and 12 pit!!  The largest percussion contingency the UDMB has ever had!

Today the brass and woodwind rookies arrived…..all 87 of them.  Combined with the rookies in percussion and guard the entering class numbers 115!  Add to that all the vets and the band numbers in the 330s.

Tonight was the annual “meet, greet and WHOOSH!” session with all the brass/ww rookies….inside LOUDIS!  Talk about crazy—it was the loudest HA-HO session only to be topped by the most insane games of WHOOSH I have ever seen.  Pizza followed and it appeared as though everyone was getting settled into being here.

Tomorrow we start with Rookie Camp and before you know the first downbeat of the 2009 season will drop.

Band Camp #15….and it’s still just as exciting as Band Camp #1.