Band Camp 2009 — WOW

We survived.  We survived rain, thunder, lightening, heat and humidity.  We survived mud, puddles and mud wasps.  We had a 42nd guard member for a day and then chose to not include him permanently—he HOPPED back under the railroad wall.  We had puppies visit as well as alumni, and alumni WITH puppies.  We moved into dorms, out of dorms and back into dorms.  We ate, and ate, and ate, and ate….and that doesn’t count regular meals. We made friends, we learned to trust, and we learned about responsibility, dedication and commitment–we became “family” once again.

Oh yeah—we learned a complete 13 minute halftime (music AND drill), as well as pregame (music AND drill).

We are BIG! 332 to be exact….don’t even ask about uniforms but expect some tuxedos out there!!

34 Flutes
30 Clarinets
42 Alto Saxes
18 Tenor Saxes
46 Trumpets
19 Mellophones
14 Baritones
14 Trombones
20 Tubas
9 Snares
5 Tenor Drums
6 Bass Drums
14 Cymbals
14 Front Ensemble
41 Colorguard
2 Twirlers
4 Drum Majors

So gear up world for some insanity from the UDMB this fall. The show is called “PRESSURE.” From top to bottom are references to the word, both literally and figuratively. How many will you be able to identify this fall? The obvious one is using Billy Joel’s “Pressure” as the thread that weaves through ALL the music. Are you able to identify all the musical references? After you figure out “pressure” moments, don’t forget to think outside the box–what does “pressure” mean? Break out that thesaurus and get out it world! We dove off the deep end on this one but frankly, it’s all pretty obvious if you just watch, listen and above all, ENJOY!!