Resurrection Wednesday 2009

Ah the dreaded first regular season rehearsal, affectionately known as “Resurrection Wednesday.” Each year band camp concludes and the UDMB does not get back to the rehearsal field for 3-4 days. And when they do it’s a 2-hour aerobic powerhouse of a rehearsal.

This year was no different. With one less rehearsal before the first home game this year, everything had to come together today. I cannot say that we were 100% successful but there were a lot of really good things that took place.

Halftime for Friday night seems to be in very good shape. As long as the band focuses and simultaneously kicks it into high gear, it should be an outstanding first halftime show. Postgame…well, part two still needs some work. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it is much more complex and places more demand on the performer. With Friday’s rehearsal it should pull together well. Part Three….we’ll see. There is so much more to put into that production that I’m not sure we want to unveil it too early. Maybe we’ll do a mini-taste of it just to whet the audience’s appetite. I’ll know better on Friday.

Pregame—it’s close. We can get on the field, march and play fairly well, etc. But we still have to learn the tunnel (and there’s a slight change to it so it will require extra time to deal with). Then there’s “In My Life” to make sure is nice and solid. And the end game Delaware Forever/Fight Song set up, music between offense/defense downs, etc. So much to do, so little time!

But there was a moment or two today, a few glimmers of a powerful and entertaining band. If they think, trust and believe, this could be one heck of a season!