2009 Season–Games One and Two

I find myself realizing that I haven’t posted anything on SARV BLOG since the first week of classes–punishment should ensue……or a good tongue lashing at the very least.  Let me see if I can catch everyone up to speed on a simply incredible season for the UDMB…which is not quite over just yet.

First Game – WCU:  Labor Day Weekend; West Chester in the house; the UDMB is running on ONE rehearsal this week.  Convocation took away Monday’s rehearsal. Resurrection Wednesday followed, and Friday…rain.  Nice.  But the band had  a great Saturday rehearsal prior to the game and came out with “guns blazing.”  (sorry–West Chester’s show is a Western theme so I couldn’t resist.”  Truthfully, both bands were as strong as they always are and put on terrific hafltime and post game performances.  The UDMB wasn’t quite ready to unveil “Bohemian Rhapsody” but did give the audience a taste of what was to come during post game in a standstill setting.

Second Game –  BAND DAY:  22 high schools and middle schools joined the UDMB for the annual multi-band halftime presentation.  Music this year was “Bend Me, Shape Me” and “Rescue Me” keeping with the rock and roll themes we’ve been doing the last few years.  All the high school and middle school kids seem to enjoy “rockin’ out” with the college “grown ups” so there seems little reason to change something that works.  The weather threatened all morning but we managed to get through the most critical part of the day–rehearsal–without rain.  The UDMB reps got their assigned schools into their seats and rejoined the band in the entrance corners waiting for pregame when all of a sudden:  SPLASH!  Pouring sheets of rain started to fall from the sky.  There was NOTHING on radar—everyone was huddled over their phones pulling up The Weather Channel, Weather Bug, and other weather widgets–nothing.  Not a cloud, not a speck of green.  And yet we were getting drenched….all the way through the PREGAME show!   And all I could think about were the 1500 band day performers sitting in the stands soaked to their underwear.  I hesitated looking up at them from field level, but finally did…and they were dancing and cheering and having a great time as the UDMB finished PREGAME!  …and of course, as soon as PREGAME was over the sun came out.

more later….