Sweet 16……..and never been

on vacation this time in August.  Nope, never.  Not once….well, at least not in the last 16 years since I’ve been here at UD.  Er, the last 23 years of teaching marching band.  Er the last 32 years since I started playing in a marching band.  (Go on, do the math–I’m still a child though!)  Regardless today I started by 16 season with the UDMB–Go Hens!!!

The Field and Ad staff arrived, moved into their dorms and the annual gathering at Grotto’s officially kicked it off.  (That’s right alums, we’re now at Grottos–used to be Timothy’s, and before that the Deer Park.) There’s no question in my mind the staff is going to be a great one, and that is without even chatting with/at the yet.  How do I know?  Simple: the buzz in Grotto’s was LOUD!  If they are enjoying themselves that much during the first “how’ve you been?” moment then I fail to see where they will fail!

Tomorrow we crank it up at 8 AM on Frazier Fields with basics, DMA Procedures, and a host of other goodies that Trevor Sindorf is adding to the world of “All Things Visual.”  Should be fun and exciting to learn some new approaches.  He’s on the same page as I am: let’s get the staff REALLY teaching!

Well, a few chores to do around the house before crashing for the night.  Watch this space often for many updates.  SARV BLOG–back in business!