Rookie Camp 2010 Is Underway!

They came from right down the street in Newark, Delaware, and from as far as Vermont, and Illinois.  They arrived with moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and even dogs.  And they were all wide-eyed, perhaps a little scared, but each was equipped with huge grins.  The UDMB Rookie class checked in at 3 PM and made themselves known across greater Newark at 7:30 PM.  Why? Because it was time for Ha-Ho!!!

Yes we combined them with the Field Staff and formed two teams.  Yes they worked hard to beat each other, beat the clock and improve their achievement levels of passing words around circles at record speeds.  And yes, they had fun doing it all!  But it wasn’t really just a game.

Marching band is a microcosm of school, of society, of the world, of each member’s life.  And one of the best examples of this is how marching band teaches the willing student about time management.  Time management in the broad sense (ex. away trip + paper due = write paper EARLY.) and time management in the smaller sense (two hour rehearsal to learn a new piece of music and drill–must get it done).  It is also about utilizing the combined effort of others to assist in achieving a common goal.

If over 100 people can pass two words around the circle plus an arm swing and a foot stomp in 31.5 seconds then clearly teamwork, focus upon a common goal and commitment to achieving the goal were all in play.  All it would have taken was one person not to be paying attention and 31.5 seconds would become 45 seconds in a blink of an eye.  Now what would that mean to the percentage of lost time during a rehearsal if people aren’t paying attention?  It would mean total failure to achieve forward progress towards success.  In essence–epic fail.

For the former members of the UDMB, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  For those who have never been part of the UDMB….there’s always next year!