What A Band Camp!

Yeah, yeah.  Every year I say it’s the best band camp I’ve ever experienced….but you know what?  2010 may really have been the at the top of the list!  …and I write this hesitantly knowing that we still have two short days left before we are completely finished.

The weather was perfect–except for the afternoon showers on the 2nd day of Rookie Camp.  Cool, low to zero humidity (unheard of for Delaware), high energy, enthusiasm, and unbelievable work ethic! Yup–a terrific week.

The show was on the field, with music on Wednesday afternoon…that’s the THIRD day of camp!  (I’m not counting staff camp, rookie camp or percussion/guard/twirler camp.) The whole band started working on drill on Monday morning and it was DONE on Wednesday afternoon.  Who does that?!  THE UDMB DOES, THAT’S WHO!!

Thursday was a cleaning day—the FOURTH day of band camp and we’re cleaning?!  Who does that?  THE UDMB DOES, THAT’S WHO!!

Friday morning: teach Pregame.  And when we broke for lunch, what shape was Pregame in?  DONE…WITH MUSIC!  Who does that?! THE UDMB DOES, THAT’S WHO!!

And that’s how the week has go so far.  So what are you, the reader, thinking.  Most likely that the show is easy, both musically and visually.  Um….nope!  Swing by the field this weekend and check it out.  Lots of dots and lots of notes–LOTS!

But what does all of this REALLY mean?  It means that for all those who have come before, all the alumni of the UDMB who gave their hearts and souls to this program the current UDMB owes you a huge thank you.  You put into place the current work ethic.  You made it an expectation.  Each year we added more and more levels of responsibility, added more and more structure and procedures, and each year the band rose to the challenge.  Your legacy is alive and flourishing!  And I am the most grateful person in the world as well as the luckiest.