In about 90 minutes the UDMB will load up the buses and head northeast to Washington Township High School in Sewell, NJ.  Two exhibition performances for the USSBA NJ States Championships–and the weather: PERFECT!!!

The band has been cranking–and I have been slacking on my posts.  Yeah…a little thing called “life” got in the way sadly.  But I’m back to clacking at the keyboard and doing what I’m supposed to be doing:  creating experiences for the students the likes of which they would never have the opportunity to have without being part of the UDMB.  Transformational? YES!  Positively Life Changing? YES!!  (Thanks to BOA for the phrase by the way.)

The former high school band director at WTHS is Mr. James Beyer.  This is significant because Jim taught his final summer of Drum Major Academy® workshops the same year I taught my first!  And the current band director, Mr. Casey Corigilano, is my former student and a former member of the UDMB!  And it gets funnier:  the USSBA Event Manager of the day is none other than Ms. Courtney Beard, former band manager of the UMASS Minuteman Marching Band.  Anyone else think that the world is just far too small?? WOWZERS!

Time for me to get ready to get on the road–updates soon!