And So It Begins….

In the summer of 1984 I asked, begged, pleaded and a host of other words, with George Parks to let me teach at his Drum Major Academy®.  “It would be a great thing for me to do as a music education major George!”  He thought I was nuts.  Why on earth would I want to do that?  I wasn’t even his drum major!

But he relented and let me spend the week at Lafayette College with him….and then asked me to work at the West Chester location.

And so it began….

As I start my 27th summer as the Drum Major Academy®’s Personnel Manager, Website Administrator, Lead Clinician, and now Educational Director…without George…I look at things through very different colored glasses.  There is so much to do, so much of it is exciting, and all of it is bittersweet.  But yesterday I got the feeling that I was on the right path…

Parker and I pulled into a parking space opposite the ULM music building.  There was a building in front of us with a symbol incorporating the letter “G” over the main entrance.  And there was this gorgeous bird that flew up and attached it’s feet to the side of the building not that far from that placard.  It was a red-headed woodpecker.  And that bird just sat there and watched us.  And later when I came outside to make a phone call, that same bird flew over and landed on top of a sign post and just watched me for the next 20 minutes…it didn’t move, it didn’t make a sound. It just watched.  And everything seemed alright.

Time to make the drum majors friends….