The Second Half Of My Career–Underway!

It’s true….I’m starting my 17th year at as director of the UDMB and technically that means I’m starting the 2nd half of my career!  That’s right…only another 16-17 to go until I can sit in a rocking chair on a porch near a lake in some small and remote town in Maine while enjoying a steaming cup of coffee and watching the sunrise without racing out the door to start band camp.  Hmmm…..there’s a part of me that actually finds that a little depressing!  🙂

At any rate, Staff Camp has come and gone for 2011 and it was a resounding success.  This year’s crop seems to inherently know that they should just DO and not wait to be told what to do.  They are eager and willing to work, outwardly and inwardly excited to teach AND learn, and seem to have a natural hunger for more and more information!  I’m a very lucky person.

Rookie Camp kicked off last night with the traditional Rah-Rah Session in room 207 as well as the evening’s usual events of Ha-Ho and Woosh!  Ah the things we do to teach them about time management and energy usage!!  This morning we were cranking through Stationary Basics on Frasier Fields when the “woman” who is the bane of my existence, Mother Nature, announced her impending arrival with a roaring roll of thunder.  We gathered all belongings, calmly headed to the CFA Parking Garage, regrouped and started teaching Hindu and Crane as she made her presence know.  But for all the pomp and circumstance she roared in and out in about an hour without delivering the predicted pummeling of hail.  Sometimes she’s just a lot of talk…..of course, she’s making a return visit this evening so we’ll see.

Almost time to teach the rookies all their stationary positions with instruments and then something new:  Rookie Music Rehearsal.  I’m going to spend a chunk of the afternoon teaching them all the Pregame music as well as “In My Life.”  Time to give them a leg up on the vets!