First Third of 2011 – part 1

And just like that 1/3 of the 2011 marching band season has come and gone…WHAT!?  Exactly. It was a whirlwind trip filled with insane Mother Nature (lack of) Appreciation Moments for everyone across this country.  And as I sit about to start catching folks up on the life of all things UDMB it is, once again, raining outside.  ….I suppose that is, indeed, my fault:  “here comes the rain again.”

The next few posts will be “quickies” that touch upon the 4 performances in September 2011:

  • First game:  West Chester and Band Day.  Over 1800 performers were on the field for what we hoped would not be a wash out, and it wasn’t!  This was the first Band Day experience for the West Chester University Incomparable Golden Ram Marching Band and by all accounts they seemed to truly enjoy themselves.  I mean, heck, who wouldn’t?!  You get to stand in a block of 1800 people, play your hearts out, the audience goes crazy after every tune and THERE’S NO DRILL!  Works for me!

More later…as usual, racing out the door….