A Week Off….WHAT?!

When you do the math–not complicated algorithms, just simple math–as of Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 7:30 PM the UDMB had spent close to 300 hours (out of the annual 600-700 hours) in rehearsals and performances.  This number is actually LOW because time was lost due to the earthquake, Hurricane Irene, rained out rehearsals and what also amounts to a very light performance schedule (unheard of!) this season.

When you consider that a 3 credit course at the University of Delaware requires 42 hours of class time you have to question the sanity of the average college marching band member.  But that post is for another day.  🙂   It goes without saying that the students fulfill their REQUIRED hours for the ONE (1) credit course of marching band by the conclusion of the 4th day of Band Camp.  That alone should make the average person (well…the person who understands what band camp is) tremble at the amount of time a student sacrifices to be part of something bigger than his/herself. It’s pretty mind-boggling to be honest.

It did not take much to arrive at the decision to simply cancel marching band rehearsals for this week.  Why?  The team is on the road for three weeks and due to budgetary restraints the band is not traveling to any away games.  They have been going non-stop since August 17th.  It’s midterm time.  Most of them are already in the throws of fall semester “plague.”   In an effort to assist them with 1) time to get caught up on work and 2) time to heal the staff and I decided to give them a huge break.  A break that is WELL deserved.

One question remains though:  what does a college band director do with a week off?

Here is the list of items that have either already been accomplished or are in the process of being checked off on the To Do list:

  • Sleep
  • Write more drill for the end of season throw down
  • Vacuum
  • Laundry
  • Schedule Band Camp for 2012
  • Catch up on season 3 of “Fringe”
  • Acknowledge the existence of my dog and 3 cats
  • Consider going to the gym….
  • Take a day trip to Wegman’s
  • Enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon on the deck off the family room watching a sunset.
So….is this how academic faculty live?
Enjoy the week off UDMB–the end of regular season is but a few weeks away along with the culminating season performance at the USSBA National Championships in Annapolis.  We will have to wait to see about a post-season however.  If there isn’t one….make the most of every moment we have together because it is all going to race by at rapid speed!