And Just Like That–Another One Done

It was obvious from the smiles around the room, all the glitz and glamour of the evening, and all the conversations that the UDMB had a terrific 2011 season.  Band banquet was on a tear last night!  It seemed as if there was one goal, and only one goal:  must get to the DANCE part!!  People arrived between 6:00 – 6:30.  It was one of the latest starts to the event we have ever had but there was no reason to rush things.  But was people were eating (and we’ll get to the freshmen on that topic in a moment) I felt a sense of “Ok, let’s get this thing started because we want to party!!” in the air.

So it began.  The thank yous, the gifts (can’t decide on loading up the classics when I never took time to read or going starting with Tina Fey’s book as my Kindle indoctrination), the award, the hugs, and the videos all flew by at record speed.  Next thing I knew it was 8:20 and I said, “LET’S DANCE!”  Really!?  But it’s early!!  How did that happen???  I even pulled over the Banquet Folks (Erica and Caitlin) and said we should get together and talk about pacing for the future–people won’t dance for 3.5 hours.  ….apparently they did!

I wish to point out one crazy moment.  As groups were being called up to eat (seniority order) all was going according to plan. People were polite, people were quiet in their approach, people took their time.  And then it was time for the freshmen to get dinner–YIKES!

First, I do believe we had a record number of freshmen at banquet last night!!  Both buffet lines stretched 2/3s of the way across the room and each was a DOUBLE line!  And they were excited–crazy, chatty, happy, insane freshmen!  But the icing on the cake?  I’ve never seen that much food piled up so high on so many plates in my life!  …I’m guessing this year’s Rookie Class (and they are now officially no longer rookies by the way) had a good time.  Cool!

Every year we’re excited for marching band to start.  And every year as the season starts to wind down we can’t wait for it to end–so many other things in our lives that have to get done.  But when it’s over, well–you can’t wait for it start all over again!

Thank you all for believing in what we do folks–you, the members of the UDMB, are what makes Neverland truly special.  And yes, THAT was a great game.



…..request for next year’s banquet…..can we reissue band camp name tags? I don’t recognize people when they’re all dolled up!