Disruptions In the Time/Space Continuum

Dear UDMB Alumni,

I apologize.  I am horrified and very distraught to have done what I did.  I neglected you so very horribly at the conclusion of Post Game yesterday, and for that there is no excuse.  After “In My Life” (it was so wonderful to see all your smiling faces again looking up once again as we brought a little beauty into the world and spent a little selfish time together) I always love visiting with all of you on the field.  That was not to happen.

Sometimes in life we need to deal with unexpected situations that take us away from what is truly important to us.  This was one of those times.  I was pulled away from all of you and when all was said and done the field was completely devoid of human beings.  I was devastated.  I didn’t get to meet any new spouses. I did not get to meet any of the new “tuba mutes” (babies, toddlers and children), nor hear about your lives.  I look forward to this time each year–the time AFTER preparing for halftime, AFTER the “Baby Band” is happily on its way back to the buses, AFTER all the stresses and pressures of the day are over–and this year I was denied that time with you.

Please know I will make up for it next year!  2014 will mark the 20th season of SARV-CONA! Please come “home” and celebrate with Jim and I.  You helped us build the UDMB of today and that dream –our collective dream — continues to evolve and grow every season.  Until then, I am and will always be

Your Friend.