2014: The Year Of The Half Century Mark

I won’t be shy, nor will I be coy about it.  So I turn 50 tomorrow..well, actually in a few hours.  While there is a part of me that is in a state of WTF?! there is another part of me that is pretty alright with it.  50….just a number in reality.  It’s not the length of time spent but whether or not the time spent has been worthwhile thus far.  And I humbly submit that yes, it has been.  If I could go back in time would there be things I would like to change–HECK YEAH! But we can’t change the past and “regrets, I’ve had a few but far too few to mention.” It is time to enjoy a new decade of life…..because let’s face it folks, the last decade wasn’t exactly the greatest.

So let’s begin with what I do NOT want for my birthday, nor for the first year of my 5th decade on this planet:

  1. I do NOT want to spend any more time at First State Orthopaedics! I have no issues whatsoever hanging with Doc Axe at any UD sporting event, or even kicking back for a beer or two. But I do NOT want to have to face him in an exam room anytime soon.  Frankly if anything “goes wrong” with the other knee I’ll drag myself across the floor by my bare hands before I give in to the pain and make an appointment!  (If by some he remote chance he’s reading this: Michael–five years of draining knees, cortisone shots, and surgeries is enough for a while, ok?)
  2. I do NOT want to spend any more time traveling to NYU for any additional attention to the partial knee replacement other than the ONCE A YEAR x-ray / check up.  Doc Meere is awesome–but I would prefer not to put more mileage on my new car.
  3. I do NOT want any more GI issues.  The gallbladder is gone. Doc Girard seems to have a handle on all the other issues that are just going to take some time to resolve as my body adjusts to the lack of the gb. Having to race out of a room to “call Tim” (those who understand that–good, those who don’t…let’s keep it that way!) has gotten old and is exhausting.  I think things are closer to being under control and that’s a good thing…let it stay that way and continue to improve!
  4. I do NOT want to endure any more loss.  I realize I cannot control this particular item but it’s been a rough few years of far too many friends and family “departing” for the next part of our collective journeys and we all need a break.

Ok, now for what I DO want:

  1. I want to laugh more.
  2. I want to enjoy time with family and friends more.
  3. I want to take time out of each day to just sit listening to the world around me and be in awe of it all.
  4. I want to make others smile.
  5. I want to listen more to what others are saying and to actually HEAR them.
  6. I want to notice more of the little things—because in the end I believe it’s the little things that will matter most.
  7. I want to be more spontaneous—and for those who know me they know this is a tough one!
  8. I want to bring just a little more joy into the world each day.  Nothing big and it doesn’t have to be noticed by anyone other than myself.  It can be as simple as watching the dog go insane when I reach for her leash or as complex as the “perfect” musical moment during a rehearsal or concert that makes people take pause, sigh and smile.

“I’ve lived a life that’s full” and “In my life I’ve loved them all.”  There is so much more to do.  Let it begin….