The Night Before….

I’ve been at this “gig” at one location or another for 27 years…tomorrow will be the first game of my 20th season here at UD….and you know what? I’m like a little kid tonight! I’m all excited about another season. I’m all excited about introducing another class of Rookies to Delaware Stadium. I’m all excited about watching the seniors enter the field for their last first home game. I’m all excited for the first Fight Song A in the parking lot before the Team Walk. I’m all excited for the sound that will split the stand in two and then push them back a few feet. I’m all excited to see those exhausted but thrilled faces at the end of post game during “In My Life.”

Yup, I’m just like a little kid tonight.

I’m excited to see my fall friends in the parking lots and the stands. Not sure I’ll be able to “hang out and chit chat” this early in the season but there will be lots of smiles, waves and “on the run” hugs for sure.

Delaware Football has been and will always be a FULL DAY EXPERIENCE. It’s not JUST about the game–it’s about everything that takes place from 5 hours before kickoff to 3 hours after. It’s the fans, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the band, the team. And it’s all the in-between stuff–the laughter, the cheering, the conversations, the trips down memory lane—the glue that makes us all part of the same whole.

Tomorrow will be the start of something GREAT…I can feel it.