And The Big Push Begins!

This week marks the beginning of a solid 6 week push for the UDMB.  Six straight weekends of performances–no breaks.  This is not something I like to do to one of the hardest working groups on campus (UDMB is actually an academic course but it FAR exceeds its 1 credit worth of time). Everyone needs a break here and there to keep them sharp and on task.  ….and that break will come…on November 2nd.

Do not get me wrong–I am NOT worried about this band at all.  This year’s group will rise to the occasion and make every performance better, stronger, more powerful and emotionally compelling than the previous performance.  How do I know this?  Simple:

Any college band that can finish band camp, not have a game for 2 weeks, have that game postponed due to massive storms, wait another full week for their first performance and subsequently push the stands on BOTH sides of the stadium back a few yards……THAT’S a group you don’t worry about!  

So the schedule is a little nuts but heck it’s going to be great fun!

  • Sunday, Sept. 28  Collegiate Marching Band Festival in Allentown, PA
  • Saturday, Oct. 4   Home Football Game
  • Saturday, Oct. 11  Home Football Game (Parent’s Day & Twirler Day)
  • Saturday, Oct. 18  Home Football Game (Homecoming….almost really to launch alumni!!)
  • Saturday, Oct. 25  Bands of America Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships (UDMB is the host!)
  • Sunday, Oct. 26   Newark Halloween Parade  (I might just wear my pajamas…..)
  • Saturday, Nov. 1  Home Football Game

…after that, and only after that is anyone allowed to get sick, hurt or broken!  (…ok, this applies to only me because we all know I’ll probably do something stupid before the next 6 weeks are up…)

So take a deep breath UDMB because you are about to climb inside a Formula One race car and the foot is going through the floorboard!  It’s going to be one heck of an insane ride for sure!!  Ready…..set….GO!