Homecoming 2014 In 24 hours!

Honestly I’m not really sure where to begin and that doesn’t make much sense to me. My 20th homecoming at UD…I should have some profound statement to make, some heartfelt story to share, some memory that triggers laughter and tears all at the same time but….at the moment….I’ve got nothing.

How is this possible?!  How can I sit here on the couch without having a single inspirational thought running through my mind?!  Has it finally happened? Have I lost my touch? Have I lost my mind? Have I come to the end of the road where Santa is standing next to a leprechaun, both looking at me with sheer annoyance??  …perhaps they are….

To be fair to myself, I actually have hundreds of memories racing through my mind.  Each one bringing a smile to my face.  What I find interesting is that every memory is equal to the next.  Yes there are some that seem to stand out at first but then another one pops into my head that has the same importance in the evolution of the program.  Each story is better than the next and yet they all seem to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other because of one overarching theme: family.

I’ve written about about this topic before but sometimes certain topics are worth revisiting.  We all have family.  Mine are all up in northern NJ or Manhattan.  Our families bind us together–they are there for us in good times and bad.  They can always be counted on when needed.  Some people are lucky to have an extended family…I’m one of those people.

From college friends who have stuck by my side through thick and thin to former students who are now colleagues and cohorts, it really doesn’t get any better than this!  Band brought us all together…band keeps us together.  Band is family….UD is home.

20 years have flown by…and with that about 3000 people have graced my life by letting me share in theirs.  We’ve shared happy thoughts, flown past the second star to the right and have found Neverland together. We’ve weathered Indians, alligators and a few Captain Hooks over the years but we’ve always come out the other side as far better people.  The people come and go but there will always be Lost Boys to look after, and there will always be another adventure.

See you all bright and early……