The Finale

Villanova_2014_5D_0241In less than 12 hours the final football game of the 2014 season will begin and the UDMB will take the field for one last time this year. It has been a spectacular year–one filled with joy, excitement and energy. The band was exciting, enthusiastic, energetic, excellent and “en-tense!!!” Honestly I could not have asked for a better 20th season at UD.

It is no secret that I love my job–that’s correct, job. After all, in reality it is just a job. But I’m one of the few, the lucky few who wakes up every day LOVING what they do in this world. Some might call this naive while others would call it downright silly. To the naysayers I just shrug and think: “I’m happy…are you?”

Do not be fooled however–I do have a life off the field, out of the stadium, away from the concert hall. And I CHOOSE to engage in that part of my life with just as much abandonment as I do my professional life. Apathy is not an option for me. I do not know nor understand the definition of the word ‘moderation’ either.

A senior in the UDMB sums up the “passage” she is about to experience incredibly well. She calls never being in the UDMB again The Other Side. Her blog post is SPOT ON and with her permission, I share it here for you.

It is NOT about being 100% devoted to band–it is, however, about not going through life with an apathetic attitude. It is not neglecting other things–it is about making a commitment to something and giving it your all. THAT is the lesson of Band, THAT is the lesson I wish I could get every band member to truly understand.

Live your life loud–you only get one chance at it!