5 Days Post Op

Inside the right side of my body is now a metal (I believe titanium) shaft extending into my femur. At the top of the shaft is a ceramic femur head (aka ball) that fits into a type of polyurethane socket that is now part of my pelvis. Nothing like a hip replacement to bring new meaning to the phrase “pain in the ass.”

Last Wednesday Dr. Meere performed a MAKOplasty hip replacement on me. Surgery went well and I was home on Friday. Apparently the joint was worse than the X-rays showed…a bit frightening when one thinks of my activity level and how it took being unable to move at all during band camp to admit there was a real problem.

I’ve got the best friends in Jeanne Parks, Deb Thomson, Courtney Beard and Deena Frank. All of them decided I was their personal project and I’m under 24 hour care. It doesn’t get better than that folks! Not sure how I’ll ever thank them or Leah Pugh for always being there to care for all the critters.

I’ve had my first home PT session—nothing like what I’m used to at UDPT!–and I suspect I may need to ask to be moved to outpatient pt before the month is up. I’m walking with forearm crutches and barely leaning on them–just using them as stabilizers. I (and Meere) expect I’ll be on a cane within the next day or two and to then want to ditch that by day 10 post op. Yes, progress has been that quick.

I was told by many that hip replacement is nothing compared to what I went through with my knee…I didn’t believe it….now I do.)

Honestly that’s it. Not much to tell…yet. I’m just grateful for the docs who keep patching me up, and the friends who keep me on track to healthier times.

Oh, for those keeping score:


Let’s hope there’s no tie breaker anytime soon!!


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