Making Memories

I recently read a very good post on Facebook from a wonderful colleague in the leadership field which you may read here.  He wrote about how band can get hard, how band isn’t always fun, and why.  While I agree with many points I personally disagree with one key point: I remember an enormous amount of things from my teenage life that were fun!  In fact ALL I remember are the good times and really don’t remember my teenage life being bad at all.  Was it awesome all the time? Heck no! But I made some phenomenal memories!

I understand the point the article was trying to make: the memories we make in band will overshadow all others because of the life lessons we learn.  Spot on!

For me, however, I remember the good. I remember band. I honestly do not remember the bad. I really don’t.  I suppose if I sat down and focused upon it I would be able to come up with some instances of bad…but in retrospect THOSE are the stories my band friends and I talk about and LAUGH about!  In fact we roar about those memories to the point of laughing ourselves into tears.

  • Remember when it rained for so long the mud was ankle deep on the sideline and most people lost shoes?
  • Remember when it was pouring, our uniforms were saturated, and we could hardly see anything?
  • Remember when it was so cold you couldn’t feel your face?
  • Remember when…..? and on and on and on.

Each one of the above bullet points by itself is a negative. If you add a followup statement to it you change the negative into a positive memory you will carry with you forever.

  • And people were mud skiing to their sets?
  • And SARV yelled “BRING IT ON!” and it started raining sideways and the flags got plastered on guard member faces?
  • And your lips were blue but you played your heart out anyway?

Even the so-called “bad memories” are remembered fondly!  Why? Because it was band.

The “bad” taught us the life lessons we all carry with us to this day. We became stronger because of them. We learned to overcome adversity. We learned we can push through what we once considered a limitation and succeed!  These (and more) were the point of the article.

We remember the good and we learned from the bad…but I, for one, don’t remember the bad. We made memories from the good and the bad because band changed our lives “for good.”