More Than ‘Just Enough’

We live during a time in the world when doing just enough is considered not only acceptable, but also a mark of achievement and success.

Well…not me.

“What’s next?”
“How can we get better?”
“What other experiences can I provide others?”
“What other adventures are out there?”

These are the questions I ask myself regularly. (If I were a stronger person I would ask them daily…baby steps, baby steps.)

Right now I’m thrilled to death that University of Delaware Field Hockey just won their 5th straight conference championship and advances to the NCAA Tourney! Right now I’m absolutely loving the FACT that University of Delaware Football is in playoff contention for the first time in 6 years (or is it 7??) !!  I love it because there’s a buzz in the air again. A buzz that starts as a whisper but builds to a scream. A buzz that says:

“Go beyond doing just enough and see where life takes you!”

Do all these accomplishments in UD Athletics mean more work for me?  Heck yeah!
Do all these accomplishments in UD Athletics mean UDMB members have more gigs? Heck yeah!

One of the perks of being a college band director are the unexpected opportunities you can provide your students–or, as I like to say:

“Providing positive experiences my students would never have if not for band.”  

Looks as if we are about to embark on the possibility of more positive experiences that, if not for band, we would do just enough to get by.