This Is Just The Beginning

Once again a group of adults (albeit young adults compared to myself … funny how they are always the same age and I keep getting older….) is about to take that big step into “the rest of their lives.” If you asked any of them they would tell you they had arrived for band camp freshmen year only a few weeks ago. It certainly seems that way but it was, indeed, four years ago when they stood on the top of the CFA parking garage and put their feet together for the first time as a college band member.

Four years ago they:

  • heard “set up page 1” for the first time;
  • heard “uh-gain!” for the first time;
  • put on their UD uniform for the first time;
  • performed at a UD Football Game as a UD student;
  • performed at Allentown;

…the list is endless.

Four years ago each of them thought college was exciting, scary, and filled with so many possibilities…and that it would never end. Yet end it did.

Four years ago I told them the time would fly by and the seniors at that time wholeheartedly agreed. Yet once again the new freshmen class did not believe me, and here we are.

You are at the finish line…..but not really. You are actually at the starting line–one of many you have already stood before and one of many you will stand at many more times as you journey along this path called life.

If I may be so bold, I have two pieces of advice to offer:

Ask Questions–this is now the role your professors will fill. Reach out and ask them questions along your trek off the side of the map where it says “Here There Be Monsters.” We’re always here for YOU! We want to hear about your life–what wonderful (and even the not wonderful) things that have happened. We won’t necessarily have the answers but odds are good that we have been where you are and can offer a little bit of thoughtful guidance….and if not, we are certainly here for you to scream at, cry at, or just chatter away about life’s complexities, joys, absurdities, and surprises. So keep in touch y’all, ya hear?

Don’t Wait For “When”–there is no “when,” there is only NOW. Don’t be like me: don’t wait for a better time–there is no such thing! Live Life Loud and do it now! To quote Edna Mode from the first “The Incredibles” movie:

“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”

Take advantage of what life has to offer. Get after it–NOW! Take advantage of every single day. Travel, spend time with your parents and extended family, create monthly gatherings like The Beer Bunch (hint, hint, wink wink–hey you guys we’re over due!!), get in the car and drive to the beach for the day, take a walk on a trail in a state park, and sit outside listening to the sounds of the evenings and early mornings while savoring the fact that you are here.

You’ve all done amazing things while at UD….time to do more amazing things out in the big, wide world. UD is now part of the “places I’ll remember” lyric, and that is exactly as it should be.