UDCG – So Proud!

25 years of directing the UDMB has given me the privilege of working with thousands of students. Yeah…thousands. Crazy but true. I have loved every band I’ve ever worked with. Every year the band has a different personality all based upon the personnel in the ensemble. You remove or add just one person and the personality shifts. That’s true about everything. Rarely do I single out a specific section because…well, it’s singling them out above the others. Given the FACT that every person out there gives their all every time they set foot on the field, it’s hard to shine the spotlight on just one group of students.

This year, however, I need to do so anyway.

The UDCG (UD Colorguard) reached an incredible level of performance this season. I’m not a Facebook stalker by any stretch of the imagination but when you see posts about impromptu practice sessions outside of band pop up on your newsfeed you know you’ve got something special! This group of 21 filled the field with color, dance, and vibrant showmanship beyond all hopes and dreams! I simply could not be more proud of their work ethic, commitment to “get better,” and drive.

As you head into your final home game of the season leave it all on the field gang! You rocked it all season long! Thank you.