The Real Post Game

Band banquet is a couple weeks away but that is merely the icing on the cake each year. The truth of the matter is that the UDMB season has come to a conclusion once again. I still have 100 (you read that number correctly) mini essays to read, as well as 40 or so music check off videos to grade (clearly that didn’t work this year–need to revisit it again and find a grading solution because little old me cannot do it alone and the TAs are over their work load), but without any rehearsals or performances to deal with–we be done.

We can’t wait for it to begin; once it starts we can’t wait for it to be over; when it’s over we can’t wait for it to begin again.

–George N. Parks

While George was correct about the above statement, there is a window of time that exists after the conclusion of each season that is reserved for decompression. This is not to be confused with the annual debriefing / planning for next year process. This is pure decompression from 100% immersion in something that simply stops. The weekly routine rug you’ve become accustomed to gets ripped out from under you and you suddenly find yourself with no structure to your day. In many ways one goes through a grieving process at the the end of the marching band season. While one relishes in this freedom for about a day, one finds the quiet and lack of focus unsettling. I call this the real post game.

  • Two more dog shows (next weekend) for Joe
  • Closet cleaning with Veteran’s pickup already scheduled
  • House organizing in prep for Thanksgiving
  • Some binge watching or a few movies
  • Hikes in White Clay Creek State Park with the dogs
  • Gatherings with friends for food, drinks, and laughter
  • A whole lot of spinning, lifting, and stretching to do at the HAC & home
  • …and a host of other tasks.

That’s the list. Oh sure there’s score studying in there, syllabus writing, Drum Major Academy work to be done, guest conducting gigs on the horizon, and all that good stuff that I sincerely love to do.

For now, however, there is the need for some calmness and re-centering of oneself. So let the real post game begin…..“Joe! CJ! Stop chasing the kitten!”

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